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Everyone who graduates from RISD is an automatic member of the Alumni Association, a network of more than 30,000 alumni worldwide. To access many of the benefits associated with that membership, you need to apply for a free alumni card—just once (unless you lose it!).

Enjoy the advantages of an alumni card

All graduates of RISD’s full-time undergraduate and/or graduate degree programs are eligible for an alumni card. These cards allow for:
access to the Fleet Library at RISD
• 10% off all purchases at the risd:store and RISD WORKS
• discounts on selected Continuing Education classes
• free or discounted membership to the RISD Museum
• 10–25% discounts at Concept Link, a design and printing provider in Providence
• registration for an email account

Connect with fellow alumni at special events

RISD organizes special events for alumni at many of the key professional conferences and annual art fairs throughout the world (Art Basel in Basel, Hong Kong and Miami, NYCxDesign Week in May, the Milan furniture fair, national AIA, ASLA, NAEA conferences, etc). Alumni are also invited to connect with each other through special events organized by RISD’s network of clubs throughout the US and the world.

Tap into online networks

Many alumni appreciate opportunities to connect with fellow graduates through RISD’s LinkedIn community. RISD alumni also come together through regional Facebook pages, a RISD Etsy team page and a curated RISD page on Kickstarter. And, of course, alumni also follow RISD on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Enjoy free subscriptions to RISD XYZ + XYZmail

All alumni with accurate mailing information on record automatically receive a free subscription to the print edition of RISD XYZ, the alumni magazine published twice a year, and XYZmail, a digital newsletter emailed to readers monthly. Please be sure to keep your contact information up to date so that you can receive both publications.

Take advantage of other free benefits

Each year RISD offers webinars of interest to alumni, along with tips about visiting artist and designer presentations on campus that are being live streamed. All alumni also have access to RISD Careers, where staff members can help with counseling and advice and steer you towards helpful online resources. Among those are:

RISD Portfolios, a network on Behance that enables potential clients, collectors, recruiters and creative enthusiasts to access work by members of the RISD community

Artworks, an online job board listing freelance and full-time opportunities