RISD’s art and design magazine keeps alumni and other readers inspired and informed about the people, projects and passions that make our creative community so extraordinary. RISD XYZ encourages alumni to contribute to making each issue and works to address a range of broad issues of interest to creatively engaged readers.

Spring/Summer 2018 | inspired by place

This issue focuses on a variety of ways alumni find context and meaning for their work by connecting with and responding to specific places. Whether it’s creating in the kitchen, remembering the outfield, harvesting rain in Mexico or responding to the beauty of the local light, RISD artists and designers draw inspiration from the places they land and in turn enrich these places with their passion and creativity.

Let us know what you’re doing

Whether you’re exhibiting work or have started a new job, recently got married or had a baby, please be sure to share both personal and professional news about what you’ve been up to by emailing us at risdxyz@risd.edu. Your news will be included in the print version of RISD XYZ and if it involves showing in a current or upcoming exhibition, we’ll include it on RISD’s exhibitions page.

Please be sure to include the following information:

  • for general news: what happened or is happening (plus when and where)
  • for exhibitions: show title, medium, solo/group, name of gallery or museum (along with a url for the venue’s website), start and end dates
  • for a wedding or union: name of your spouse/partner, date of ceremony, where you’re now living
  • for a birth or addition: name(s) of child(ren), date of birth and/or adoption, name of your partner or spouse, if applicable, where you live as a family
  • for a death: name and RISD major/year of graduation of the deceased, date of death, city/state of last residence

Images of you and your work are also really important to us, so please be sure to send along the highest resolution images possible.

Contact the editor

RISD XYZ welcomes letters to the editor, submissions of written commentaries/op-ed pieces, drawings or doodles from your sketchbook, story suggestions and all other good ideas about how to make the magazine better.

Please share your ideas with Liisa Silander at risdxyz@risd.edu.

Previous issues of the magazine

RISD XYZ first surfaced in spring 2010 and is now published twice a year. Previous issues are available by request and may be viewed online.

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