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Touching the World

While touring Perkins School for the Blind as seniors last fall,Maeve Jopson 13 ID andCynthia Poon 13 ID were deeply touched by the scrappy ingenuity exhibited by the warm-hearted educators at the institution.

Bridging the Art/Science Gap

Leonardo DaVinci was famously an engineer, architect, scientist and, of course, a painter.

Google Glass

As any high-tech aficionado can tell you, Google Glass has swiftly transitioned from an Orwellian rumor to a user-friendly reality, with 10,000 of the lightweight wearable devices now out in the world as part of the Google Glass Explorer program.

Fiction-Focused Start-Up Wins Big

Brooklyn-based graphic designer Lisa Maione 05 GD, principal of her own firm Instance, didn’t quite know what she was getting into when she decided to attend the first-ever Book Publishing Hackathon in New York City last March.

Pelosi Attends Roundtable at RISD

On Monday, June 24, US House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi and Rhode Island Congressmen David Cicilline and Jim Langevin visited RISD to take part in a roundtable discussion about how design and critical making can reinvigorate Rhode Island’s economy in the coming years.

A Savory Story

Shelf Life, the dark comedy Brett Van Egmond 13 FAV made as his final degree project, presents a meaty plotline.

The Beauty of Biology

Most visitors are shocked to see the electrifying performance art now on view at RISD’s Sol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery.

Printing Time

How can a curator create a meaningful exhibition based on a collection that goes back almost two centuries and encompasses more than 5,000 works on paper? When Professor of Printmaking Andrew Raftery, a member of the National Academy of the Arts of Design, was invited to do just that, he opted to focus on the techniques printmakers use to depict the passage of time.

Sustainable Surfing

In the winter of his junior year at RISD, Kevin Cunningham BArch 05 realized he sorely lacked the perfect surfboard to ride the breakers that crash along the New England coast.