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Mixing Major Curiosities

Student ceramicists are working with visiting artists to create marvelous – and sometimes unorthodox – projects.

Reimagining Medical Communications

RISD and Brown students generally follow different paths on College Hill – Brown students spending their days in libraries pouring over books, their RISD counterparts spending their nights in studios making creative responses to assignments.

Entrepreneurs Show and Tell

For bright-eyed entrepreneurs, starting a business is much like a three-ring circus.

Bridging the Brain Divide

For those attending a recent RISD/BrownBrain Storm panel, the giant-sized cerebellum resting off to the side of the stage was symbolic of the meeting of the minds about to unfold.

Gebbia Thinks Big

Offering a tempting taste of the Career Center’s Mindshare event this Saturday, Joe Gebbia 05 ID/GD spoke at RISD last week – about why he’s a bona fide “designtrepreneur,” as he likes to put it.

Pixilerations Plays with our Wired World

“Could the wall be breathing?” wondered the small crowd in RISD’sSol Koffler Graduate Student Gallery.

Painting What the Eye Can’t See

Lizzie Kripke 14 PT knew she would get the chance to study marine biology during her summer internship at the Woods Hole Marine Biological Lab [MBL].

AIGA Chief Advises Students

Art students and politicians don’t usually speak the same language, much less collaborate towards a common goal.

Seller Lets Loose

In Letting Loose, her latest solo show, neosurrealist painter Wendy Seller, an assistant professor in Foundation Studies, moves beyond her signature style to create intriguing collages.