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Design in the Public Sphere

For a week in early August, selected leaders and strategists from federal agencies such as the US Department of State and the US Department of Defense will join peers from state, civic and private organizations for the inaugural Institute for Design + Public Policy at RISD.

Refreshing Ideas in Apparel Design

As the new head of Apparel Design, British designer Neil Gilks is looking forward to building on RISD’s interdisciplinary “magic.”

Escaping Escapism

Through his conceptual videogame Static Lagoon, Prashast Thapan 14 GD aims to provoke players into unplugging and looking beyond the screen.

Ideas Born on Paper

Drawing Ambience, an exhibition on view at the RISD Museum, offers a glimpse into the generative process used by seminal architects prior to the digital age.

Faculty Foster Global Engagement

Six faculty members are conducting research in Central and South America, Asia and Europe with the goal of developing expansive new courses reflective of global realities.

Establishing Shellfish Habitats

A team of RI educators is preparing to test sculptural forms designed to attract marine life in the waters off India Point Park.

Cleaner + Better Care

In Germ Studio, students devise medical tools that reduce health-care associated infections while addressing issues related to patient comfort.

Curatorial Insights

Museum Fellow Edith Young 16 PH helps curator Kate Irvin care for historically significant fashions and fabrics.

Be Bold, Shake Things Up!

“So what if you have talent? Then what? You have to figure out how to work your way inside,” the one and only John Waters told the 669 graduating students at RISD’s 2015 Commencement on Saturday, May 30.