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The State of the Art in Healthcare

“Health is too important to be left to the health secretary alone,” said Dr.

RISD Dean Named to Lead MassArt

Dawn Barrett has been named president of MassArt.

SURFing Underwater

Visitors to Wander, a recent exhibition hosted by RISD’s Nature Lab, were pleasantly surprised to enter a darkened room filled with soothing sounds, swaths of blue tulle and dreamy projections of gelatinous sea creatures.

Sharing South African Legacies

On a sunny day in late November, a group of adventuresome RISD students caught a ferry to a remote island off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa used as a prison during the days of Dutch colonial rule – visiting Robben Island to pay tribute to one of the world’s most iconic civil rights leaders.

Experiments in the Arctic

Bundled into a suit of thick neoprene, Ming-Yi Wong MArch 10 edged herself off the side of the Zodiac and lunged toward the massive piece of floating ice.

Sustainable “Shelter” for Indian Women

Can design change the lives of dozens of Indian sex workers and their children, breaking the cycle of dependency and despair? Alumni Colleen Clines MLA 10 and Devon Miller MLA 10, co-founders of a nonprofit called Anchal, believe it can.

New Grad Moves on to Facebook

Two days into a summer internship at The Daily Beast, Daniel Giuditta 14 GD found himself in the middle of a media maelstrom.

New Space for Museum’s Treasures

The RISD Museum’s newly renovated sixth-floor galleries have opened to the public, and the work is “arranged in such a way that the role of the artist and the act of making take center stage,” according to RISD Museum Director of Education Sarah Ganz Blythe.

The Feeling of Flight

For their final project in a studio sponsored by Cessna, students created an installation that transports viewers to a place where time and space seem to disappear.