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SEI Stories

Decolonizing Pedagogies at RISD

Faculty, curators and librarians come together for a semester-long seminar on decolonization that builds on the institution’s commitment to advancing social equity and inclusion.

Art Installation or National Landmark?

Interior Architecture students debate the fate of Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks’ former home in Detroit.

What Was Lost, What Was Stolen

Visiting artist Dionne Lee questions the makers and motives behind historical American landscape photography.

Society of Presidential Fellows Takes Flight

Since August 2019 RISD has raised $15 million to fund a new program that recruits and supports outstanding graduate students.

RISD Hire Promoting SEI

RISD launches a job search for no fewer than 10 new faculty members specializing in race, decolonization and cultural representation.

RISD Launches Cluster Hire

Rhode Island School of Design is hiring 10 faculty members focused on race and decoloniality in the arts as part of a wider plan to tackle systemic racism.

RISD Museum Effecting Change

Director John W. Smith announces deaccession of Head of a King (Oba) and plans to bring needed focus to Native American art and design via New Americas Research Initiative.

A Record Year of Engagement

The RISD community offers record-setting support for the college and its mission.

Legacies of the Slave Trade

SEI Research Fellow Christopher Roberts examines Providence’s historical connections to slavery and colonialism and their impact on the present day.