A Better Biennial

A Better Biennial

It happens in Venice. New York has one too. And in 2011, Providence gets its turn. From now until March 20, RISD’sFaculty Biennial, which theProvidence Phoenix called “an inspiring visual buffet,” is on display at the RISD Museum.

At the opening reception, students mingled with faculty and the public, eager to see what their professors create when not teaching. From abstract works to cutting social and political commentaries, the pieces on display cross borders and boundaries between disciplines, juxtaposing media and materials in new and inventive ways.

According to Director of Exhibitions Mark Moscone 88 PR, this year’s biennial is “the most comprehensive showing of faculty work to date,” with two floors of the museum showing work by more than 200 faculty members, many of which were made specifically for the exhibition.

Walking through the galleries, it is easy to be impressed by the sheer breadth of ideas on display. From glass to textiles, illustration to architectural models, the show brings together many distinct ideas and practices, yet hangs together as a whole through a common thread that sums up the diversity at Rhode Island School of Design.

See the exhibition before it closes on March 20 or risk missing out for another two years.

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