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Ceramics in Flux

Ceramics in Flux

FLUX, the Ceramics triennial on view at Woods-Gerry Gallery through Sunday, January 29, beautifully demonstrates the tactility and intimacy of clay. The 50-odd works that fill the space range from traditional pottery to contemporary sculpture and from palm-sized objects to large-scale installations.

Dare you to touch me by Iva Milovanovic MFA 18 CR (above) and Crisis by Nicholas Oh MFA 18 CR and Iggy Choi MFA 17 CR (below)

“I’m impressed by the interdisciplinary quality of the show,” says senior Leah Aegerter 17 SC. “Many of the pieces on view really break from tradition and engage in contemporary dialogues.”

The dialogue begins before you even enter the gallery with Crisis, an 8-foot sculpture created collaboratively by grad students Nicholas Oh MFA 18 CR and Iggy Choi MFA 17 CR. “We depict an image of crumbling infrastructure – a ticking bomb that could turn into a disastrous event at any moment,” says Oh. “Our goal is to grow awareness about issues of infrastructure.”

Immediately inside the door, you are surrounded by energy from the black-lit Last Meal (top photo) by Ziheng Zhu MFA 17 CR.

The darkness turns to light when you round the corner and confront the colorful, multisensory God Is a Flower (above right) by Dove Drury MFA 17 CR, whose work “explores a queered sense of domesticity. It feels really critical,” he notes, “especially given the draconian climate of current politics, that I utilize my art practice as a means to create spaces, objects and ideas that conjure the joy of community, color and selfhood.”

Work by recent alum Ruby Hue 16 CR (above) and Eleuthera (Freedom) Fields by Anina Major MFA 17 CR

“There is such breadth represented in the exhibition as a whole,” notes Illustration Professor Rob Brinkerhoff, after taking in the show. “Yet the entire thing holds together with exceptional clarity, and the work displays terrific originality.”

Dancing in the Fire Sun by Sean Garrett 18 CR (above) and an untitled piece by Shaylie Woodhouse 18 CR (below)

The Big Picture

Ceramics students in their last year of study develop strategies for cultivating their artistic practices and presenting their work to the wider world.

Promoting Artistic Dialogue

Graduate student Anina Major MFA 17 CR sees her ceramics practice as an expression of her commitment to furthering cultural tradition and making a positive impact on the world.

Grounded in History

Students in a cross-disciplinary studio create site-specific installations that bring alive the significance of a historic fort and state park in Newport, RI.