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Digital Imagination

Digital Imagination

Earlier this month students in Digital + Media participated in Since the Epoch, an exhibition at Boston Cyberarts Gallery that caught the attention of the local creative community.

In its review, the Boston Hassle lauded the variety and depth of imagination on view during the three-day show, which was curated by first-year students Ben Aron MFA 18 DM and Cody Filardi MFA 18 DM. Among the works singled out by reviewer Maryam Yoon was Xibaba, a levitating “GIF sculpture” by Joe Winograd MFA 18 DM

…and Poetic Visualizations, a multimedia installation by Kristen Shea MFA 18 DM. Yoon writes that Shea’s combination of poetry, 3D animation and sculpture results in a piece where “these three forms of representation… occupy separate yet deeply interconnected cognitive spaces.”

Featuring video, algorithmically manipulated text and a performance piece by Jeremiah Johnson MFA 18 DM (below, from an exhibition at the new sound performance studio on campus), among other works, the show testified to the diversity of work emanating from the department.

Interrogating the Technoscape

Digital + Media grad students are teaching a trio of Wintersession studios they conceived of themselves to explore how technology shapes – and is shaped by – history and culture.

Planetary Research Practices

During a recent visit to the Northeast Planetary Data Center, students in Digital + Media began exploring the astronomical potential of creative research.

Cultivating Collaboration

As a biodesigner and studio manager of RISD Co-Works, David Kim MFA 14 DM is deeply committed to principles of inclusion and interdisciplinarity.