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Good Vibe @MLK Day of Service

Good Vibe @MLK Day of Service

Students, faculty and staff members volunteer in record numbers for RISD's MLK Day of Service 2017.

Students, faculty and staff members made the most of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday (January 16), turning out in record numbers to volunteer with Providence families. “The MLK Day of Service is the biggest day of the year in terms of RISD’s volunteer effort,” says Sophie Chien BArch 19, who serves throughout the year as a community liaison for the college.

Members of the RISD community once again volunteered at two Providence locations: the MLK Elementary School on the East Side and Dorcas International Institute of Rhode Island, a refugee and immigrant support organization in the city’s Elmwood neighborhood.

Dorcas Institute Executive Director Kathy Cloutier and President Rosanne Somerson 76 ID.

Participants at both locations connected through hands-on making, working on such crafts as origami, marbling paper, beading and creating sketchbooks, as well as face painting and pizza. Smiling parents looked on as young makers busily folded paper cranes and strung rainbow beads.

The crowd at Dorcas was blown away by RISD’s coed a cappella group Oral Fixation (below), who performed a particularly inspired rendition of Fleet Foxes’ White Winter Hymnal.

Meanwhile, across town at the MLK School, RISD’s Jalwa troupe entertained families with a lively and colorful Bollywood-style dance performance.

The annual Day of Service is a cornerstone of RISD’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Series, which culminates tomorrow (January 20), with a keynote lecture by artist, educator and human rights activist Emory Douglas.

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