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Online Arts Education

Online Arts Education

With the online ART PROF program, Illustration Critic Clara Lieu 98 IL plans to make a high-quality visual arts education accessible to people around the world.

Clara Lieu 98 IL (left) hopes that her online ART PROF program will bridge the gap for aspiring makers who lack access to top-flight visual arts instruction.

Illustration Critic Clara Lieu 98 IL (above) says that visual arts have grounded her since she attended RISD as an undergrad. She only wishes that she’d had access to serious arts education and the community surrounding it when she was in high school.

Now Lieu is preparing to launch ART PROF, a free, online arts education program she created in partnership with digital strategy and production expert Thomas Lerra of WGBH Boston.

“In most schools, visual arts education is meager or simply does not exist,” says Lieu, “and outside art programs are not affordable for many people. ART PROF allows a global community of all ages to access high-quality visual arts education for free.”

Lieu has assembled a team of teaching assistants and interns – many of them fellow RISD grads – who have created video tutorials on everything from drawing to sculpture as well as comprehensive lesson plans, detailed assignments and interactive video critiques. The team is currently gathering funding for the project via a Kickstarter campaign that is live through mid July, and Lieu hopes to launch this fall.

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