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Impossible Meetings

In two provocative new shows, artist Janine Antoni MFA 89 SC presents visceral responses to embodied experience.

Worlds within Worlds

Leveraging the latest technology, award-winning author/illustrator David Wiesner 78 IL allows readers to explore the story of Spot by following their own path.

Art Educator of the Year

Gifted teacher Stephanie (Welch) Silverman 04 FD accepts a top honor at the National Art Education Association convention in New Orleans.

Gensler Grants Golden Opportunity

Architecture grad student Chereth Hines-Channer MArch 16 is thrilled to have earned first prize in the 2015 Gensler Diversity Scholarship competition, which opens the door to a coveted opportunity to intern at one of the world’s leading architecture firms.

Talking Tools

Students, faculty and visiting artists consider the link between digital interfaces and the imagination as part of RISD’s new tool ( ) series.

Iconoclasts Coming for Commencement

On Saturday, May 30, filmmaker John Waters will accept his first honorary degree ever at RISD’s 2015 Commencement ceremony, where he’ll also deliver the keynote address.

Making Personal Connections

Taking a seat across the table, Pamela Chavez 15 IL confidently unrolls a collection of painterly images used in creating Roses for Wolves, her enchanting stop-motion animation about a young woman who follows the guidance of a mystical spirit-wolf.

Uncreative Practices

Poet and provocateur Kenneth Goldsmith 84 SC leads a cross-disciplinary discussion about questions of plagiarism and originality in art, design and higher ed.

Rockefeller Legacy Benefits Museum

Building on a long legacy of support from his family, David Rockefeller has made a gift of $2.