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Salad Rules

Salad Rules

As an outgrowth of her ongoing Salad for President project, artist Julia Sherman 06 PH has released an enticing new cookbook focused on artists who are also creative in the kitchen.

As a natural outgrowth of her Salad for President blog and related projects at the Getty Museum and MoMA, artist and happy gardener Julia Sherman 06 PH has released an enticing new cookbook focused on high-quality seasonal produce.

Called Salad for President: A Cookbook Inspired by Artists (Abrams), it includes 75 of her own salad ideas—not all exclusively vegan or vegetarian—organized by chapters ranging from F*%k Brunch to Dressed to Impress: Salads for Special Occasions to Salad In Sweatpants: Casual Meals For People Who Already Love You.

The book also presents inventive recipes from a wide range creative people Sherman interviewed in their homes and photographed as they prepared favorite salads, including Laurie Anderson, Madeleine Fitzpatrick, Yui Tsujimura, Alice Waters and William Wegman, among others.

William Wegman—whose trusty Weimaraners clearly appreciate his talents in the kitchen—is among the artists featured in the book.

All in all, Salad for President provides a tasty mix of satisfying recipes and inspiring conversations about the cross-overs between cooking and other creative practices.

The NYC-based artist, cook, creative director and author also invited several RISD friends to contribute. As lead illustrator, Joana Avillez 08 PT spices things up with playful breaks peppered throughout, while Arley Marks 10 SC offers great cocktail recipes and Rachel Mosler 03 SC contributes wallpaper designs used as lovely backdrops to many of the food photographs.

Joana Avillez 08 PT created playful illustrations to complement Sherman’s food photos in the new cookbook.

Throughout June and July, Sherman will be hosting a series of special book tour events in NYC, Los Angeles, Seattle, Portland and San Francisco.

Liisa Silander

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