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Sharing Insight into Illustration

Sharing Insight into Illustration

In late April, the Illustration department hosted Canadian illustrator Jody Hewgill to speak about her acclaimed work in the field.

Canadian illustrator Jody Hewgill spoke about her artistic evolution and influences at a recent series of Illustration events. | Self-portrait by Jody Hewgill.

Earlier this semester, the Illustration department hosted a visit by Canadian illustrator Jody Hewgill (that’s a self-portrait above), one of the first women in North America to earn a high level of recognition in the field.

During her two-day visit in late April, she met with seniors in a portfolio class taught by Critic Kelly Murphy 99 IL and offered a public talk, followed by a workshop for Illustration majors.

Speaking in the Tap Room, the Toronto-based illustrator presented an overview of her artistic evolution over the decades and talked about diverse influences on her work, including such thematic inspirations as literature, poetry, music and theater, and formal influences like the murals of Diego Rivera, Picasso, Ingrès, Modigliani and others.

Hewgill offered a workshop in which she shared original works that show her process – from sketches to finished pieces – and invited students to experiment with her techniques using her own palettes and painting supplies.

Hewgill lives in Toronto and teaches illustration at Ontario Collage of Art and Design.

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