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Views from Abroad

RISD was recently featured in two international publications about its role as a leader in design thinking.

 Views from Abroad

Interesting pieces about RISD just came out in two international publications.

In a Q+A in the 5th anniversary issue of ODDA, a global fashion magazine published in the UK, President Rosanne Somerson 76 ID speaks about how she uses design thinking in leading RISD and why a RISD education is so relevant in a rapidly changing world.

“I use my design education and my experience as a studio designer everyday in my work at RISD,” the president points out. “It’s very complex to be leading any kind of higher [education] institution in this particular moment in time, but particularly one with all of the complexities of RISD.”

Somerson also notes that RISD students “learn how to pose probing questions… and not just work from prior assumptions…. They have a way of thinking that gives them a certain kind of confidence to tackle problems that other forms of education may not foster.”

A lengthy piece on RISD and a handful of other leading art schools appears in the March/April issue of the German magazine Kunstforum International.

The same issue also includes reviews of Manic/Love–Truth/Love, a solo show of work by Jordan Wolfson 03 SC at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, and Passage/s, another solo exhibition featuring the work of Do Ho Suh 94 PT (top image + below) at Victoria Miro Gallery in London.

Women at the Forefront of Design

Four outstanding RISD alumnae were among 16 women artists recognized in an Artsy editorial for advancing design in the US.

Representing RISD at Design Indaba

Graphic Design grad student Bo-Won Keum MFA 17 GD and Airbnb cofounder and RISD trustee Joe Gebbia 05 GD/ID speak at this year’s Design Indaba conference on creativity.

RISD Artists in the Whitney Biennial

Five RISD alums are among the 63 artists chosen to participate in this year's Whitney Biennial.