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Working on Woody’s Latest Film

Working on Woody’s Latest Film

As a production assistant on the film crew that just wrapped production on Woody Allen’s latest flick, Danielle Glynn 15 FAV spent her summer regulating the frenetic activities surrounding the big-budget film. As an intern, she was charged with keeping close tabs on the celebrity cast as they ran lines on location in Rhode Island. And she admits she spent a lot of time hushing adoring fans scrambling for a glimpse of Hollywood glitterati outside urban bistros and seaside bars in the Ocean State.

Yet after spending 14-hour days working alongside Hollywood royalty, Glynn doesn't have the faintest clue whether Allen’s movie is a comedy, a romance or a bit of both. In fact, she doesn’t even know the plot. “Only those who are high up in Woody’s production company really know the details of the project,” the senior explains. “And they’re very good at keeping tight-lipped!” (The Providence Journal confirms this, reporting that everything on the set was simply labeled Woody Allen Summer Project.)

Nonetheless, when Glynn starts classes again next week she’ll return with plenty of insider knowledge about the motion picture that’s now generating a tornado of press coverage. Specifically, it was her job to usher Joaquin Phoenix, Emma Stone, Parker Posey and other celebrity cast members to the hair and makeup departments, using a walkie-talkie to radio their status to the assistant director.

“The camera crews work nonstop,” Glynn says. “The director could want his actors ready to go at a moment’s notice. I had to keep an eye on [the cast] at all times.”

But the internship wasn’t all work and no play. During breaks, Glynn and the cast would find grassy areas to rest and play Heads Up!, the addictive trivia game Ellen DeGeneres created for mobile devices. Other times, the actors discussed US foreign policy and other contemporary issues. “The actors are pretty normal,” Glynn concedes. “They like to be silly but wonder about the bigger questions. Joaquin was always cracking jokes.”

Given that she’ll focus on live-action film during her senior year, Glynn is practically giddy that she got the opportunity to observe the inner workings of making a major Hollywood film. She fondly remembers illuminating discussions with fellow crew members who shared invaluable insights on how to edit sound for film and operate technical camera equipment.

“While hanging around the lunch table, I’d pick the brains of script supervisors and lighting technicians,” Glynn explains. “I was so fortunate to work with these incredibly talented and hardworking people. I hope to stay in touch with them after graduation.”

Glynn even managed to snag an on-camera cameo. In one part of the movie, two of the lead characters engage in dialogue, with the intern driving her blue Honda Accord through the background at a steady 20 mph. “I probably won’t even be seen in the car,” she blurts out. “But at least I can point out the scene to my friends in the theater!”

Now that she’s entering her senior year, Glynn is already dreaming of a promising future in film. “The whole experience this summer has been pretty surreal. To work on a Woody Allen film before graduation is huge. I can’t even imagine what can top that.”

–Abigail Crocker

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