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Visiting lecturer | Peter McCoy

The Liberal Arts division and the Nature-Culture-Sustainability graduate program welcome Peter McCoy, who will give a talk titled Radical Mycology: A Treatise on Seeing and Working with Fungi. He will speak on his book, also titled Radical Mycology, and the development of Mycologos, a platform that produces educational materials that enable individuals and organizations to readily apply the arts and sciences of mycology throughout their lives and livelihoods. As we examine parallels of culture and mycology, we will discuss the ethos of citizen science and civic research, as community-based projects expand the dialogues of mycological futures. McCoy speaks on behalf of the fungi, the most overlooked and misrepresented organisms in the web of life. As an interdisciplinary, systems-oriented mycology educator with 17 years of experience, he is considered one of the most prominent voices in the modern mycology movement. McCoy’s work is widely regarded as pioneering in the topics of accessible mushroom cultivation and mycoremediation, while his in-depth mycological knowledge has also elevated his voice to one of the foremost in the less-explored fields of fungal evolution, fungal communication and the history of fungi in human cultures.

April Showers Bring May Flowers

Join RA Katie on zoom to craft using dried flowers such as scrapbooking and making bundles for room decoration Must RSVP to receive items -must be living in 15 west to join event

Glass department | Hot Nights with Mays Albaik

Alumna Mays Albaik MFA 19 GL continues her collaboration with the Glass department by working with current students in the hotshop on a series of material experiments. All are welcome to log in and watch the action.

Visiting author | Seph Rodney

The Painting department welcomes Seph Rodney, opinions editor and managing editor of Hyperallergic’s Sunday Edition, who will present a talk called Thinking and Talking About the Limits of Gender and Ethnic Representation: When Do We Hit a Wall? Rodney has written for The New York Times, CNN, MSNBC and other publications and is featured on the podcast The American Age. His book The Personalization of the Museum Visit was published by Routledge in 2019. This lecture is part of a collaborative series of lectures for PAINT 4503: A Prehistory of Contemporary Art (Greg Lindquist, instructor) and PAINT 4516: Contemporary Art and its Critics (David Borgonjon, instructor).

Architecture | Colonialism | Palestine

Israeli settler-colonialism and apartheid are served by and depend on colonial architectural practice and environmental racism. Undersatnding how architecture is practiced by settler-colonial movements and nation-states helps us to see how the Palestinian struggle is integral to movements for environmental justice and ecological sanity. RISD Students for Justice in Palestine and RISD's Architecture department invites you to join us for a conversation on Monday, May 10th from 11:30 a.m. - 1:00 p.m. EST with guest Palestinian architects Sandi Hilal and Nora Akawi about decolonial architectural practices and the role of architecture in the colonization of Palestine. This event will be moderated by RISD Associate Provost of Social Equity and Inclusion Matthew Shenoda, RISD Associate Professor of Modern Architectural History Ijlal Muzaffar, and RISD Assistant Professor of Art of the Islamic World Foad Torshizi. Sandi Hilal is an architect and researcher and founding member and Co-Director of DAAR - Decolonizing Architecture Art - with the aim to combine an architectural studio and an art residency able to gather together architects, artists, urbanists, film-makers and curators to work collectively on the subjects of politics and architecture. In the last ten years, from Palestine, Sandi Hilal and Alessandro Petti have developed a research-project based artistic practice that is both theoretically ambitious and practically engaged in the struggle for justice and equality. Nora Akawi is a Palestinian architect living in New York. Through research, curatorial, and pedagogical practices, her work lies at the intersection of urban and environmental justice, collective memory, and architecture - drawing from migration and border studies, mapping practices and archive theory. She focuses on architecture's entanglements in processes of erasure and exclusion in settler colonialism. Open to all in the RISD and Brown Communities! Advanced registration required.

Alumni talk | Architect Gabrielle Bullock

Join the Alumni Club of LA and RISD Architects for a talk with RISD Trustee Gabrielle Bullock BArch 84 on her latest project, Destination Crenshaw. A principal and the director of Global Diversity at Perkins&Will, Bullock will discuss a 1.3-mile stretch of Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles that “will be transformed from an area that has long deserved economic investment and strategic urban planning into a thriving commercial corridor linked by architecturally stunning community spaces and pocket parks, hundreds of newly planted trees and over 100 commissioned works of art.” This event will be hosted by Cristina Sirbu MFA 14 TX, vice chair of the Alumni Club of LA.

Community conversation | African Food and Culture

The African Alliance of Rhode Island invites the RISD community to a conversation about urban agriculture and a virtual visit to its Bami Farm in Providence. Members of RISD’s Architecture department will be on hand to present their 2020 collaborative greenhouse project with the African Alliance, and we’ll also discuss the cultural, community and health benefits of growing. Join us!

Panel discussion | Creativity & Career

Clever podcast celebrates the opening of the WantedDesign Online International Schools Show with a panel discussion about the many ways that students embarking on careers at a time of incredible upheaval can employ their creative skillsets to seek out and design their own opportunities. Hosted by alumna and current RISD faculty member Amy Devers MFA 01 FD, co-founder of Clever, with President Rosanne Somerson; Diane Domeyer, executive director of The Creative Group; and Natalie Nixon, founder of Figure 8 Thinking.