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11/23/2020 — 03/31/2021

Online exhibition | Mapping the Unjust City

The Architecture department invites the RISD community to explore Mapping the Unjust City, an online exhibition focused on property and ownership in Stockholm, Sweden. After decades of deregulation, Swedish infrastructure has changed dramatically with privatization and gentrification polarizing cities across the Nordic country. This collective project explores how maps and infographics help people visualize ownership and resist global corporatization. It concludes the Architecture department’s fall Systems of Architecture lecture series, which focused on systems of power at work throughout the built environment. Questions? Email

Martin Luther King Jr. Day

No degree program classes held; offices and library closed. In light of the ongoing global pandemic, RISD will not host an MLK Series keynote lecturer this year. The Center for SEI invites the RISD community to celebrate the life of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. by virtually revisiting past keynote addresses. Read more.

RISD Careers | Grants & Residencies

Learn about all the steps you need to begin the grant application process. We will explore opportunities, review search directories and discuss the key components of applications. Resources and tips will be provided to help you begin your exploration, and you will gain valuable insights and confidence that will motivate you to apply for opportunities. You'll also understand the role of essays, budgets, timelines, references and more. Come for the information; stay to chat, ask questions and learn from others’ questions. Image found on RISD Portfolios: Ellen Hinds 19 ID Students can RSVP through ArtWorks.

ID lecture | Gautam Mukunda

In this talk, international relations expert and Harvard Business School faculty member Gautam Mukunda will discuss the impact leaders have on organizations. He'll look at US presidents to understand how organizations choose leaders and why the best and worst leaders often have surprising similarities. He'll also discuss how the same dynamics can explain why organizations have difficulty innovating and how to manage those tradeoffs.

RISD Careers | How to Write Awesome Contracts - Art of Business

RISD Careers continues its Art of Business series with a session on contracts with alum and New England-based attorney Greg Kanaan 02 FAV. Contracts are probably the least fun part of running a business, but they’re also the most important. In this presentation, you’ll get a crash course in everything you need to know about contract law, including why having written agreements is critical for every transaction, what makes a contract legally valid versus what makes it unenforceable, when it’s OK to stop performing on a contract, and what information needs to be contained in every contract you use. You’ll learn some valuable tricks of the trade that you can implement when writing your own contracts. Kanaan focuses on intellectual property, business law and contract issues for artists, filmmakers and creative entrepreneurs. He regularly speaks at colleges, nonprofit arts organizations and professional associations about how the law affects artistic endeavors. He also writes for a variety of publications and is founder of the blog The [Legal] Artist®. Before earning his JD from Northeastern University School of Law, he worked as a documentary television producer for seven years. Kanaan is licensed to practice law in New York, Massachusetts and Connecticut. Students can register through ArtWorks!
01/27/2021 — 02/03/2021

Student event | Picking Your Major

Trying to figure out which major to pick? Join a panel of RISD alumni, who will talk about how they chose their majors and their journeys since graduation. Panelists will share recent work and allow plenty of time to answer your questions.

Nature Lab series | Regeneration with Shey Rivera Ríos

Join us on for the fourth Regeneration session with Shey Rivera Ríos, an interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist and arts administrator working at the intersection of creative practice, urban planning and racial equity in their community and beyond. Moderated by the Nature Lab’s Operations and Engagement Coordinator, Dora Mugerwa, this conversation will explore a range of questions: How do we ensure and maintain a sense of belonging within the connective worlds of art/design, nature and culture? What can creative practices and visual work teach us about environmental justice and regenerating through community? This session is co-sponsored by RISD's Center for Social Equity & Inclusion.

RISD Careers | Business Planning for Artists & Designers - Art of Business

Having a roadmap for your art as a business frees up brain space and allows you to focus on your creative work. Business planning doesn't have to be scary; and this workshop with Sarah Guerette—director of the Women’s Business Center at Coastal Enterprises, Inc.—will break it down into easily digestible areas for consideration. Consider such questions as How am I creating value for my customers? Who are the key partners I'll need to make this work? You'll walk away with the tools to develop your own canvas and the confidence and encouragement to take some initial steps into the world of business planning. Sarah Guerette directs the Women’s Business Center at CEI focusing on women-owned businesses. Originally from Bangor, Maine, Sarah has worked with small business owners both in Boston and Ecuador, where she lived for nearly five years. Sarah is a business counselor who specializes in small businesses and artist-run enterprises. She runs a workshop for artists that will cover the fundamentals of running an arts-based business, equipping participants with the skills needed to develop a personalized business plan. Most suitable for commercial and craft-based artists. Students can register through ArtWorks