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Agnieszka Woznicka

Agnieszka Woznicka is an animation artist. She graduated from the National School of Film, Television and Theatre in Łódź, Poland, where she studied Animation and Special Effects Cinematography. Before coming to RISD she taught animation at Columbia College in Chicago.

Her work exemplifies an Eastern European tradition. In her films she treats animation as a medium of metaphysical inquiry. She explores the mystical dimension of human existence, blending reality with the surreal.

Woznicka works with traditional animation techniques, mainly focusing on stop-motion animation. Her work has been screened at festivals including Clermont-Ferrand Short Film Festival and Premiere Plan Film Festival in France, Filmfest Dresden in Germany, Matita Film Festival and Festival del Cinema Europeo in Italy. Her film Za grosz (For a Penny) has won Gigant Award at the Festival of Auteur Film in Poland in 2000, Laser Video Titles Award in France in 1999 and Youth Oscar at the 10th Filmfest, Dresden, Germany in 1998. It was also screened at MoMA New York in 2003 as part of A Short History of Polish Animation and at the Pompidou Center in Paris in 2004 in Nova Polska: Survey of Polish Animation.

Academic research/areas of interest

Woznicka explores a variety of traditional techniques, mainly focusing on stop-motion. She uses animation as a medium of metaphysical inquiry. In her films she explores the themes of identity, social alienation and human condition. Her work reflects her interest in mythology, folklore, dreams and storytelling.

Woznicka's process of filmmaking encompasses a handcrafted sensibility in the use of natural materials and an acute attention to detail. Her other areas of interest include photography, drawing, fiber and outsider art.

Fall 2018 Courses

  • FAV-5152-01 Intermediate Stop-motion Animation
  • ILLUS-3960-01 Intro To Animation Techniques For Illustrators
  • FAV-5111-01 Stop-motion Animation

Wintersession 2019 Courses

  • PAINT-8900-03 ISP Major

Spring 2019 Courses

  • ILLUS-3960-01 Intro To Animation Techniques For Illustrators
  • FAV-5105-01 Introduction To Animation Techniques
  • FAV-5111-01 Stop-motion Animation