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Daniel Peltz

Through public projects, performances and media installations, Daniel Peltz explores complex social systems, attempting to provoke ruptures in the socio-cultural fabric through which new ways of being may emerge and be considered. To accomplish these goals, he uses a range of intervention, ethnographic and performance strategies. His projects often take the form of existing social systems to directly engage non-art audiences in the language of critical art practice.

Artifacts from Peltz’s public projects and performances have been exhibited in international solo and group exhibitions at institutions including Färgfabriken and Botkyrka Konsthall in Stockholm, the Cable Factory in Helsinki, Galleri F15 in Moss and the Norrköpings Konstmuseum. He has been a resident artist at Yaddo in the US; Helsinki International Artist Program in Finland; International Artists Studio Program in Sweden; Artspace in Australia; Cemeti Art House in Indonesia; and Spaced in Australia.

Peltz’s Fulbright experience in 2007 conducting artistic research in Sweden led to his work as co-founder and research director of the artist-run, long-term, place-based research project at Rejmyre Art Lab’s Centre for Peripheral Studies in Rejmyre, Sweden.

Academic research/areas of interest

  • Research-based practices
  • Site-specific/site-dependent art
  • Performance
  • Intervention practices
  • Artist-led pedagogic experimentation/self-organization

Fall 2019 Courses

  • FAV-5125-01 Film & Video Installation
  • FAV-5193-01 Senior Studio: Open Media

Spring 2020 Courses

  • FAV-5114-01 Intermediate Studio: Open Media
  • FAV-5194-01 Senior Studio: Open Media
  • BA, Colby College
  • MFA, Northwestern University