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Luisel Zayas San Miguel

Luisel Zayas San Miguel was born in Puerto Rico and earned his MArch from MIT. He developed Robotic Formwork systems as part of his thesis research receiving The Bill Mitchell Fund ++ Award and the Arthur Rotch Prize. He won the QuarraMatter Fellowship in 2015 and investigated using robotic manufacturing processes on stone. During the 2016 Venice Biennale, Zayas San Miguel was part of the construction of a full-scale prototype of the Droneport, a collaboration between the Block Research Group at ETH, Ochsendorf DeJong & Block LLC and the Norman Foster Foundation. He currently works at NADAAA, a practice dedicated to design innovation and the cultivation of new methods of fabrication, where he serves as an architectural designer and fabrication director at NADLab.

  • BEDES, University of Puerto Rico
  • MARC, Massachusetts Institute Technology