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Robin Quigley

Robin Quigley's work in jewelry and art intended for the body investigates human sensibilities that are found at every level of encounter and idea. One subject at a time, she unpacks this “universal collective” to create visual touchstones, both abstract and referential.

In addition to exhibiting her work, she enjoys the professional exchange and illumination gained by participating in artists residencies and being a guest instructor at other schools, such as the Salzburg Summer Academy (Austria), the Pont-Aven School of Art (France), the Paul Gauguin Cultural Center (Marquesas Islands), the Jam Factory (Australia) and recently West Dean College (England).

Academic research/areas of interest

Robin Quigley began teaching at RISD in 1981. Her work is fed by two primary ongoing creative endeavors: first, an inquiry into the core motivations for making both utilitarian and fine art in other cultures; and second, an inquiry into the work and creative process of “outsider” artists. She is drawn to the work of these modest but driven artists, who—to her—exemplify simple direct problem solving, resourcefulness, and ingenuity.

These investigations inform Quigley’s studio practice, which takes place in a renovated former-barbershop she shares with her designer/metalsmith husband. In turn her studio work is a vital component of what she shared with her students in the J+M Department.

She readily admits it is her good fortune to have worked with the exceptional students RISD attracts, and later to keep in touch with and follow these students as their careers develop after graduation.

Fall 2019 Courses

  • JM-4405-01 Jr Metal Forming + Casting