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Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa is a photographer and writer who has contributed essays to publications by Vanessa Winship, George Georgiou, Rosalind Fox Solomon, Marton Perlaki and Paul Graham. He also was artist-in-residence at Light Work, guest edited the Aperture Photobook Review and has written for Aperture, FOAM, The Barbican, The Photographer’s Gallery and Rutgers University Press. His debut monograph, One Wall a Web, was published by ROMA Publications in 2018 and was awarded the Paris Photo-Aperture Foundation First PhotoBook Award. He has lectured at Yale, Cornell, New York University and The New School.

Fall 2020 Courses

  • PHOTO-532G-01 Graduate Critique I
  • PHOTO-536G-01 Graduate Critique III Thesis
  • PHOTO-5305-01 Junior Studio

Wintersession 2021 Courses

  • PHOTO-8900-04 ISP Major

Spring 2021 Courses

  • PHOTO-535G-01 Graduate Critique II
  • PHOTO-537G-01 Graduate Critique IV Thesis
  • PHOTO-540G-01 Graduate Thesis Project
  • PHOTO-5306-01 Junior Studio