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Stefania Druga

Stefania Druga is the creator of Cognimates—a platform for AI education—and a recent graduate of the Personal Robots Group at MIT Media Lab. Currently she is a Weizenbaum research fellow in MIT’s Critical Data Lab and a creative learning researcher in NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program. At RISD, she teaches graduate students how to hack smart toys for AI education. She also leads Hackidemia, a series of mobile labs for maker education that serves 40 countries around the globe; Afrimakers, a community of maker projects across 10 African countries; and MakerCamp, a global camp for learning how to build and run maker spaces. For the past two years, she has conducted longitudinal studies tracking 450 children growing up in seven different countries, observing how they acquire AI literacy concepts through creative learning activities with the open source AI coding platform she has created.