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Thomas Doran

In both his teaching and research, Thomas Doran focuses on the literatures of the early Americas, the visual-literary arts (especially natural history and comics), the history of science and ecology, animal studies, transnational and multiethnic American Studies and the cultural intersections of environmental justice and animal rights. His courses often incorporate hands-on projects that encourage students to expand their conceptual, material and historical understanding of the literary arts. He is currently working on two book projects: one on animal protectionist rhetoric in the indigenous and Euro-colonial natural histories of the early Americas, and another on the history of animal representation in comics art over the past 100 years. He has recently published (or is currently working on) articles on Alexander Wilson’s bird poetry, John James Audubon and early American game protection, Native American folk zoology in the 18th and 19th centuries and George Herriman’s Krazy Kat comics. He also writes fiction and poetry. His academic and creative writing have appeared in Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and the Environment (forthcoming), the Journal of Florida Studies , the Journal of Ecocriticism, Fence and Volt.

Fall 2018 Courses

  • LAS-8900-01 LAS Independent Study
  • NCSS-700G-01 Theories Of Natureculture
  • NCSS-701G-01 Theories Of Natureculture
  • LAS-E371-01 Visualizing The Environment Through Comics and Graphic Literature

Wintersession 2019 Courses

  • LAS-W717-01 *Guyana: Exploring Art & Science Of Biodiversity In Guyana

Spring 2019 Courses

  • LAS-E718-01 Sem: Natural History: Local, Global, Analog, Digital
  • LAS-E371-01 Visualizing The Environment Through Comics and Graphic Literature