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Timothy Maly

Tim Maly is a writer and design researcher. He is a lecturer in Industrial Design at RISD and a fellow at Harvard’s metaLAB. He is co-founder of Border Town, an independent design studio about divided cities and of the Dredge Research Collaborative, which studies monumental acts of rarely acknowledged landscape architecture.

Maly writes about design, architecture, cyberogs, networks and infrastructure. His work has appeared in Wired, Medium, The Atlantic and Urban Omnibus. With co-author Emily Horne, he wrote The Inspection House: An impertinent field guide to modern surveillance (Coach House Books). He is @doingitwrong on Twitter.

Fall 2019 Courses

  • ID-239G-01 Graduate Communication Introduction
  • ID-251G-01 Graduate Thesis Communications I
  • ID-251G-02 Graduate Thesis Communications I