Autumn leaves on campus

In January the Presidential Engagement and Introductory Committee was asked to identify ways for incoming President Williams to meet and learn from the community about RISD, its culture and its needs. The group formed subcommittees focused on four groups: students, faculty, staff and the broader community (including alumni, donors, community partners and peer institutions).

In March the committee concluded its work. It recommended to President Williams that she begin her time at RISD with welcome and introductory events for the whole community, followed by focused time with students and faculty this spring before many depart campus. Once the academic year ends, the committee recommended that the president then focus on connecting with staff and our extended community off campus.

Upcoming events

May 25

May 31

Jun 1

Jun 2

Jun 3

Jun 4

Jun 8

Jun 8

Jun 14

Past events

Apr 1

First-Day Welcome

Apr 4

Illustration Senior Exhibition Opening (group four)

Apr 5

Visiting artist talk: Cannupa Hanska Luger

Apr 7

Apr 13

Apr 14

Apr 15

Apr 26

Apr 28

May 5

May 5

May 11

May 12

May 17

May 20

May 22