President Crystal Williams

Presidential Engagement and Introduction Committee

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“I want to see what you’re making and... what you’re learning… I want to hear about your past and current RISD experiences and what continues to buoy your excitement for and dedication to our institution.” 

— RISD President-Elect Crystal Williams

The Presidential Engagement and Introduction Committee

In January 2022, RISD President-Elect Williams convened the Presidential Engagement and Introduction Committee, in preparation for the April 1 start of her presidency. Made up of students, faculty, staff and alumni, its members serve as guides to the president-elect as she immerses herself in our community. As Williams notes, the committee supports her in gaining “a key understanding of the unique culture and needs of RISD and to lead knowledgeably.”

It is chaired by Vice President and Associate Provost for Social Equity and Inclusion Matthew Shenoda, Professor Andrew Raftery and graduate student Zoë Pulley MFA 23 GD. With their leadership, the committee has identified opportunities for Williams to listen to, learn from and forge connections with the wider community—to get to know what makes RISD what it is and better understand where it can go.

Ideas or questions for President-Elect Williams? Feel free to email

Committee membership


Andrew Raftery, Professor, Printmaking
Matthew Shenoda, Vice President and Associate Provost for Social Equity and Inclusion; Professor, Literary Arts and Studies
Zoë Pulley MFA 23 GD, graduate student, Graphic Design


Mickey Ackerman MID 79, Professor, Experimental and Foundation Studies
Lauren Allen MA 14, Associate Director, Project Open Door
Patrica Barbeito, Dean of Faculty, Professor, Literary Arts and Studies
Jessica Brown MID 09, Assistant Professor, Industrial Design
Bethany Costello, Executive Director, Center for Community Partnerships
Ginnie Dunleavy, Executive Director, Auxiliary Services
Tony Johnson 93 SC, Associate Dean, Student Social Equity and Inclusion
Justin Li BRDD 25 PT, Brown|RISD Dual Degree student
Katryn Livingston, Events and Communications Project Manager, President’s and Provost’s Offices (committee support)
Alicia Luzón, Talent Acquisition Partner
Kerci Marcello Stroud, Chief Marketing and Communications Officer
Dominic Molon, Richard Brown Baker Curator, Contemporary Art
O’Neil Outar, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Lauren Richter, Assistant Professor, History. Philosophy and the Social Sciences
Kate Sacco, Director, Office of International Student Services
Julie Talbutt, Assistant Dean, Student Support and Administration
Ramon Tejada, Assistant Professor, Graphic Design