Enjoy exceptional culinary experiences

RISD Dining + Catering offers students a range of delicious meal options at several locations on campus as well as grab-and-go options and convenient ordering through Grubhub at Portfolio Cafe and Watermark[et] (mobile app only, available via Google Play or the Apple App Store; select hours only for Portfolio). Expert chefs and culinary staff take great care and pride in preparing organic, locally sourced food and keeping attuned to student preferences.

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Campus dining venues

The Met

The largest dining hall on campus, The Met serves a wide variety of freshly prepared items for guests to enjoy. The menu features innovative entrées and creative cuisines, vegetarian and vegan options, an artisan pizza oven and an array of house-made desserts and pastries.

Portfolio Café

Portfolio Café is a full-service eatery on the Fleet Library's ground floor that features entrées and lighter fare. It is great for anyone taking a study break from the library across the hall, and students can also order through Grubhub for convenient pickup options during lunch service.

Jolly Roger Café

Winner of a Loyal E. Horton award, the Jolly Roger Deli is an informal eatery located at the southern edge of campus. It is a favorite for its delicious artisan sandwiches, baked goods and house favorites such as organic fair trade coffee.

Carr Haus Café

closed until further notice

A student-run coffee shop that features affordable coffees and teas, juices, smoothies, baked goods and grab-and-go items.


online ordering available beginning September 1 (in-person store opens in October)

Located on the second floor of the risd:store, the Watermark[et] offers an assortment of essential groceries and convenience items. Guests can order online through the Grubhub app or shop in person for produce, snacks, beverages and more.

Meal plans and other options

All three RISD housing packages include a dining allotment. First-year students and sophomores are provided with meal credits, dining points and unlimited access to the Met Refectory, while students in upperclass apartments receive a base level of meal credits and dining points. The latter can choose to upgrade their dining allotment with a Met Easy-Pass for unlimited MET Access or can purchase additional meal blocks if they wish to have more meal credits on campus, offering flexibility to suit their schedules. In addition, students living off-campus have the option to purchase a commuter meal plan or meal blocks.

  1. First-year students enjoy unlimited access to The Met, RISD’s “unlimited access” facility. They may choose to use one meal credit daily at any participating dining venue. Students may also purchase items using the 175 points they receive each semester and or with a one-time $50 risdbucks credit that works at all dining venues and vending machines on campus. The first-year allotment also includes three guest meal credits per semester.

  2. The second-year residence package includes unlimited access to The Met, two meal credits daily to use at participating campus dining venues, 175 dining points per semester, a one-time $50 risdbucks credit and three guest meal credits per semester.

  3. All junior/senior/grad apartment rooms come with 200 meal credits and 225 points per semester. Students in these rooms can also purchase the following add-ons, with rates as listed:

    • MET Easy-Pass – $1000 per semester
    • Add Block A (80 Meal Credits) – $760 
    • Add Block B (50 Meal Credits) – $478
    • Add Block C (30 Meal Credits) – $288

    *Add-on block meal swipes are good for both semesters but do not roll over year to year.

  4. This plan is ideal for graduate students and commuters who want convenient access to dining options on campus at a reduced rate. Meals can be used as entry to The Met or as a meal credit applied to food and beverage purchases at Portfolio or Jolly Roger. You may choose to use dining points on grab-and-go items from the Carr Haus Cafe or for coffee and pastries from Watermark. You can also apply dining points to purchases made in our express or virtual co/op market.

    The commuter dining plan costs $1,000 per semester and includes an allotment of 100 meals, 150 dining points and three guest meals.  Meals and points do not roll over from semester to semester.

  5. Dining meal blocks allow you to add additional meals to the available allotment associated with housing, or if you are arriving early or staying beyond the semester end date. Costs are as follows:

    80-meal block: $760

    50-meal block: $478

    30-meal block: $288

    Students can use block plans throughout the academic year.

  6. You may choose to open a prepaid risdbucks debit account, which provides students a convenient and safe way to purchase products and services both on and off campus, including at all RISD dining venues.

RISD Community Cupboard

Supported 100% by donations from RISD community members, the Community Cupboard is a campus food pantry that serves students experiencing food insecurity. It is located in the 3rd floor break room of 20 Washington Place and is open from 8 am–5 pm.

The cupboard is a self-service resource, so there is no need to make an appointment—simply stop by and pick up what you need.

Students can also support the Community Cupboard by donating dining points at any RISD Dining venue. Dining will stock shelves with staple items that are in greatest need, such as peanut butter, tuna, soups, rice, and canned vegetables and beans. To donate, just let your cashier know you would like to give points to the cupboard. (You may give one, three or five points per donation up to four times per year.)