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RISD Dining

Students eating at table in The Met dining hall

Using the freshest ingredients and an abundance of skill and creativity, RISD’s Dining + Catering professionals serve delicious, nutritious meals that exceed expectations. Our chefs and kitchen crews take great care and pride in preparing organic, locally sourced food and keeping attuned to your preferences.

A range of inviting spots to eat

The Met

The largest dining hall on campus, The Met serves a wide variety of freshly prepared items for guests to enjoy. The menu features innovative entrées and creative cuisines, vegetarian and vegan options, an artisan pizza oven and an array of house-made desserts and pastries. Seating more than 300 guests, The Met also provides late-night service Sunday through Thursday.

Portfolio Café

Portfolio Café is a full-service eatery on the Fleet Library's ground floor that features entrées and lighter fare. Catering especially to students who live in RISD housing on the floors above, it is also great for anyone taking a study break from the library across the hall.

Watermark Café

closed until further notice
Located on the second floor of the risd:store, the riverfront Watermark Café offers healthy choices with organic and locally grown ingredients. With seating for up to 45 guests, it is a popular campus destination for lunch or an afternoon coffee and dessert with friends.

Jolly Roger Deli

closed until further notice
Winner of a Loyal E. Horton award, the Jolly Roger Deli is an informal eatery located at the southern edge of campus. It is a favorite for its delicious artisan sandwiches, baked goods and house favorites such as organic fair trade coffee.

Carr Haus Café

closed until further notice
A student-run coffee shop that features affordable coffees and teas, juices, smoothies, baked goods and sandwiches.

2021/22 dining

All three RISD housing packages include a dining allotment. First-year students and sophomores are provided with meal credits, dining points and unlimited access to the Met Refectory, while students in upperclass apartments receive a base level of meal credits and dining points. The latter can choose to upgrade their dining allotment with a Met Easy-Pass for unlimited MET Access or can purchase additional meal blocks if they wish to have more meal credits on campus, offering flexibility to suit their schedules. In addition, students living off-campus have the option to purchase a commuter meal plan or meal blocks.

More about dining plans

Catering to special needs

Given that the health and wellbeing of our community are profoundly important, RISD takes special care to honor the dietary needs and customs of individual students. Please let us know about any food allergies, intolerances and other restrictions so that we can meet your needs and make mealtimes pleasant and fulfilling.

With input from Health Services, our chefs and culinary staff create special menus to support students with food allergies and intolerances, as well as those who require special diets in accordance with religious practices. In addition, most dining venues provide vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options daily and our largest ones are nut-free,

Our core values

In aiming to create exceptional dining experiences for our community, RISD Dining places the highest value on the relationships we build, the quality of our ethically sourced ingredients, our commitment to sustainability and the power of design to elevate food and dining.

In combination, these values drive the goals and initiatives of RISD Dining:


The relationships we build within our department and with the greater community are key to who we are. In addition to emphasizing quality of life for our staff, we proactively connect with students, campus partners, local vendors, farmers and charitable organizations to create a network that helps bring communal dining experiences to life.


Committed to buying from local farms, vendors and startups, at RISD Dining we hold our ingredients to the highest standard. We write seasonally-inspired menus that showcase New England-sourced produce, clean ingredients, classical culinary techniques and global flavors, and are proud to be one of the largest buyers in Rhode Island from Farm Fresh RI, a community food hub based in nearby Pawtucket, RI.


To enhance sustainability at RISD and in New England, we prioritize products and practices that make a minimal environmental impact at every level of our operation. We compost produce scraps and post-consumer waste and recycle all fryer oils, and by using a menu management system we are able to reduce waste and streamline purchasing.


How we approach dining is deeply informed by the interconnectedness of art, design and food. We put this into practice by consistently critiquing the structure of our meal plans, the presentation of our menu items and the aesthetic of our spaces. This helps ensure that RISD Dining keeps consistent with and reflects the values of the whole RISD community.