On-campus residential packages


RISD offers a choice of three types of room and board packages: Essential RISD, Suite Experience and Apartment Experience.

The first two packages include one of two full meal plans with a varying mix of meal swipes and dining points. The Apartment Experience option comes with the Flex 7-60 dining plan.

Students living in RISD housing can choose to enroll in the Foundation or Residential dining plans for an additional fee or can opt for reduced plans depending on your class year.

Please visit the dedicated Residence Life site for more information about room and board options and rates for 2017–18.

Essential RISD

All first-year and many upperclass students live in Essential RISD housing in the Quad and selected Hill Houses. Housing one to four students each, rooms are located on a hall or floor with shared community resources like study and work rooms, kitchenettes, social lounges and communal or semi-private bathrooms. First-year students enroll in the Foundation Dining Plan, while others living in Essential Experience housing choose between either the Foundation or Residential plans.

shared rooms: $6,525 / semester
shared rooms in the Quad (double, triple, quad)
shared Hill House rooms (double, triple)

single rooms: $7,550 / semester
singles in the Quad or Hill Houses

Suite experience at 15 West

Living in the Alcove Suites at 15 West affords students a higher level of privacy and independence than in Essential RISD housing. Each unit includes a shared entry, a kitchenette and a bathroom. Amenities include air conditioning, social lounges, laundry and work rooms, along with easy access to the Fleet Library and Portfolio Café. All students living in Suite Experience housing have a choice of either the Foundation or Residential Dining plans.

shared rooms: $6,650 / semester
single rooms: $8,050 / semester

Apartment experience

Students living in on-campus apartments enjoy a high level of independence and privacy. All options available at 15 West, Charles Landing, Colonial Apartments and Dwight House include bathrooms, common spaces and full kitchen facilities. Depending on amenity level and configuration, apartments at RISD are identified as either “cooperative” or “independent.” With individual bathrooms and private/single occupancy, independent apartments are in high demand.

All Apartment Experience rooms come with the Flex 7-60 Dining Plan. Students living in apartments may also select from the Foundation or Residential Dining plans for an additional fee. Sophomores and juniors may select a smaller Flex 5-40 Dining Plan and seniors, fifth-year and graduate students may select any RISD dining plan or opt to take care of meals on their own.


  • Charles Landing 1-bedroom apartment (shared)
  • Charles Landing 2-bedroom/one-bath apartments (single)
  • 15 West 2-bedroom loft (single)
  • 15 West 3- and 4-bedroom apartments (single)
  • 15 West mini lofts (single )
  • 15 West shared triple loft (shared)
  • Colonial 2- and 3-bedroom apartments (single)
  • Dwight 2-bedroom apartments (single)

shared: $6,135 / semester includes Flex-760 Dining Plan
single: $7,535 / semester includes Flex-760 Dining Plan


  • 15 West studio loft (single)
  • 15 West double loft (shared)
  • Colonial studio (single)
  • Dwight studio (single)
  • Charles Landing townhouse (single)
  • Charles Landing studio (single)
  • Charles Landing 1-bedroom private (single)

shared: $6,885 / semester includes Flex-760 Dining Plan

single: $8,435 / semester includes Flex-760 Dining Plan