Student Advantage

Books, laptops, food, clothing, art supplies – students and parents know just how fast the costs of college can mount, meaning maximizing the value of every dollar is important. The Student Advantage Card offers students access to a 15% discount on Amtrak tickets, along with a host of other money-saving deals with 70+ additional discount partners such as Greyhound, and

RISD students are eligible for a specially discounted rate on the Student Advantage Card – four years of savings for $45. Most first-year students prefer the four-year option so they don’t have to renew it each year. RISD students can also opt for a one-year card for $20. Enroll online or call 800 333-2920 and mention RISD.

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Enroll here to get your card and start receiving special RISD pricing.

A complete list of discounts can be found at the main Student Advantage Card site.

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