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  • Collection 16 | annual runway show

    Apparel Design seniors will debut a wonderful selection of original work at Collection 16, an opportunity for audiences to see the latest fashion created by emerging talent from RISD. The fast-paced runway show takes place on Saturday, May 7 at the Fleet Library at RISD, with two showings—at 4 pm and 7 pm.

    The eye-opening designs shown at Collection are juried by a panel of guest critics—professional designers who give students critical feedback throughout the school year and ultimately determine which garments to include in the runway show. This year’s guest critics are:

    » Alex Brownless, global fashion industry strategist and founder of  

    » NYC-based fashion and concept designer Mariana Vidal-Escabi    

    » Francesco Fucci, head designer at The Row

    » NYC-based educator and designer Dean Sidaway

    » Henry Zankov, senior knitwear designer at Diane von Furstenberg

    During their final year, seniors create a unified body of work that showcases professional-level conceptual and technical capabilities. Selections from all 19 graduating students will be shown as models wend their way through RISD’s lovely library, activating the space in new ways. 

    Tickets for the May 7 events are available online at $22 for the 4 pm show and $48 for the 7 pm one. Proceeds benefit the RISD Scholarship Fund.

    View images of each senior’s collection online