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Published from 2010 through 2020, RISD’s award-winning art and design magazine kept readers inspired and informed about the people, projects and passions that make our creative community so strong. RISD XYZ explored a range of ideas of interest to our community and encouraged alumni to contribute to making each issue visually rich and engaging.

spring/summer 2020 // rooted

People often find both strength and solace in drawing on their ancestral and cultural roots, especially in times of great disruption—like the one the entire world is experiencing now.

This issue features stories and personal reflections from:
• a multidisciplinary artist who grew up crossing the US/Mexico border daily and decades later is still actively advocating for migrant rights;
• an accomplished Native American artist who has returned to the reservation where she grew up to raise her own daughter;
• a photographer who grew up in Alaska and now feels a perpetual pull to document life in remote regions of the far North;
• a first-generation American eager to pursue Fulbright-funded research in his parents’ home country of Benin

You’ll also find news and info from many other students, alumni and faculty who share how the pandemic has impacted their lives, work, priorities and aspirations.

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Thank you to everyone who contributed their good ideas and talents to help make RISD XYZ a magazine reflective of the interests and talents of our amazing creative community.

Though we can no longer publish these stories in print, RISD remains committed to sharing news about creative work emanating from our community and encourages alumni to connect through:

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