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Health and Wellness

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Health and Wellness

Find care when you need it

RISD’s Health and Wellness Center and Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS) play an essential role in ensuring community wellbeing. Joined by RISD community partners invested in student wellbeing, these teams provide students with specialized, confidential care.

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Health Center

Get personal, confidential and quality services from RISD’s on-campus urgent care center.

Counseling and Psychological Services

Receive support from providers specializing in higher education mental health.

Fitness Center

Take advantage of cardio and weight rooms or check out one of several fitness classes.

Health Education and Promotion

Explore events, workshops and other resources that support personal wellbeing.

Equity and Compliance

Learn how RISD protects the community from discrimination in its many forms.

CARE Network referral

Access this resource if you or a peer are in distress and in need of timely, preventative support.

Student health insurance

Review costs of and what's covered by the RISD-provided student health plan.

Related programming

Search for RISD events that support personal and community wellbeing.

COVID information

See our proactive plan for ensuring a safe and healthy RISD community.