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Social Equity And Inclusion

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Social Equity and Inclusion

Making a more just RISD

Led by the Center for Social Equity and Inclusion (SEI), RISD is engaged in many initiatives to ensure genuine equality of access, opportunity and representation for all community members. A range of resources is available for students to advocate for themselves, build inclusive communities on campus and hold RISD accountable.


Quick links

Intercultural Student Engagement

Find support for all underrepresented groups and help create a more inclusive RISD.

Institutional Discrimination and Title IX

Learn how RISD protects the community from discrimination in its many forms.

Center for Community Partnerships

Access a hub that brings students, faculty, staff, and external partners together to take part in community-engaged work.

International Student Services

Join staff and peers in building a strong international student community.

Project Thrive

Connect with a community mentor for support specifically for first-generation college students.

SEI accountability

Track our progress in creating an equitable, inclusive and proactively anti-racist RISD.