Equity and Inclusion

In order to create a more racially just RISD, we must be proactively anti-racist in principle and practice, and make consequential, scaled changes throughout the institution.

The pages in this section make up a record of accountability to commitments announced on July 15, 2020 by then-President Rosanne Somerson. These commitments build upon our 2017 Social Equity and Inclusion Plan.

Increasing student diversity

Key among our commitments to equity and inclusion is to increase access among historically underrepresented groups to a RISD education and to continually cultivate a diverse student community. Each year there are gains to be made and work to do, and progress upon which we will track here.

Student financial aid, 2022–23


total first-year total student diversity, 2022–23


total first-year students from historically underrepresented groups


total incoming graduate student diversity


total graduate students from historically underrepresented groups