RISD Global

RISD in Rome student with sketchbook

Recognizing the importance of global discourse and cross-cultural literacy, RISD Global spearheads a range of learning opportunities on campus, online and abroad. The office serves as a hub for globally focused experiences at RISD—from supporting reciprocal exchanges of ideas and practices to global engagements that broaden perspectives and other opportunities designed to connect students, faculty and partners with diverse approaches to making around the world.

Global exchange and mobility

RISD encourages students to engage in global learning experiences that enhance creative practices through cultural exploration. These include five-week travel/study courses available during Wintersession and Global Summer Studies experiences.

Semester-long programs are also offered in Rome and Seoul, and the RISD Global Exchange Program offers opportunities to study at more than 40 global institutions.

RISD in Rome

Note: the European Honors Program remains suspended for academic year 2021/22. Please contact RISD Global to discuss alternative courses of study.

RISD in Rome’s European Honors Program offers motivated and self-directed juniors and seniors the opportunity to live and study in a city infused with art historical significance and pulsing with life.

Housed in a 16th-century palace within walking distance of the Vatican, the Pantheon, the Coliseum and the Roman Forum, the 21-week program invites students to explore personal interests in the fine arts, architecture and design.

Faculty global research

To help students become globally engaged citizens, RISD encourages faculty mobility and global engagement through practice, research and teaching.

Faculty are invited to apply for a Global Faculty Fellowship to pursue globally focused research, along with grants that support global engagement for curricular development. In addition, they propose and lead Wintersession and summer courses abroad. 

Global partnerships

RISD’s approach to global engagement is centered on a model of reciprocal exchange and partnered models of program and research development.

A strong network of formal and informal partners includes 43 Global Exchange institutions around the world and Global Futures Lab participants. Among them are the Art University of Isfahan in Iran, the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, the Universidad Catolica del Peru in Lima, Peru and Zoma Contemporary Art Center in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

In addition, RISD continues to pursue sustained practice- and teaching-based collaborations with other partners around the world.

RISD in the world

Fulbright Fellows on the Move

RISD alums Sabina Kariat, Jessina Leonard and Masha Ryskin will conduct research in Turkey, Germany and Israel during the 2021/22 academic year.

New-School Old World

RISD Global offers two virtual summer studios focused on the cultures and design traditions of Denmark and Italy. 

Cultural Immersion

Students in three Wintersession travel courses learn through hands-on work with local artisans in Mexico.