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Please Touch

Sophomores in a fall Sculpture studio make work that invites the viewer to physically engage with it.

A New RISD Rebrand Places a Family of Custom Typefaces and a Redrawn Seal at its Centre

Informed by interviews with faculty members, students and young creatives, the rebrand adopts a flexible type system and a simplified seal that enhances its hand-crafted quality.

Visual Narratives that Inspire Change

Students in a fall studio highlighting humans’ impact on the natural world get encouraging critique from returning alum and wildlife artist Walton Ford.

Tracing the Roots of Universal Design

Students in a research seminar led by Associate Professor Eric Anderson analyze groundbreaking home design projects headed up by late Industrial Design faculty member Marc Harrison.

Researchers Think a Key to Cooling Cities Lies in Naples’ Ancient Aqueducts

The Cool City Project headed up by RISD faculty member Nick De Pace looks to use the city’s existing infrastructure to combat life-threatening heat waves.

White Hawk Reflects on Resilience

The latest speaker in RISD’s Indigenous and First Nations Artist Series discusses her own abstract work honoring generations of strong Indigenous women.

Printing on Clay

Students in a fall Ceramics studio led by Associate Professor Lesley Baker are introducing printmaking techniques into their work.

RISD Trustee Tavares Strachan Named 2022 MacArthur Fellow

Strachan joins 23 other recipients of the so-called genius grants issued this year.