Landscape Architecture faculty Lili Hermann with students

Each year around 600 full- and part-time faculty members help students grow as thinkers and makers. These artists, designers, architects, scholars and educators advance RISD’s culture of creative discovery, while thoughtfully teaching and guiding students. Beyond the classroom they are leaders in their fields, pursuing an array of projects and producing innovative work.

Faculty news

Restoring the Blackstone River

Associate Professor of Landscape Architecture Emily Vogler and alum José R. Menéndez are bringing communities together through the Blackstone River Commons.

At the Aldrich Museum, the Coyote Takes the Lead

RISD Professor Duane Slick deploys his canine friend in a thrilling show.

The Whitney Presents Jennifer Packer

ArtDailyreports on the Associate Professor of Painting’s first solo museum exhibition in New York.

This Wearable Fabric Microphone Can Listen to the World—and Your Body

Popular Science reports on research collaboration between MIT professors and RISD Textiles Professor Anais Missakian.

Teaching and Learning Lab

As part of the Center for Social Equity and Inclusion, the Teaching and Learning Lab supports faculty in building innovative and inclusive teaching practices. Workshops and other professional development programs let faculty share knowledge and discuss emerging ideas about art and design education. The lab and its resources help foster a culture of teachers who are equipped to support RISD students.

Among many ways it supports faculty, the lab offers guidance in course design, inclusive studio critiques and understanding learning styles. Faculty also take advantage of resources for enhancing scholarship and research.