Beth Mosher

Beth Mosher has a BA in anthropology and an MFA in industrial design. As an undergraduate at the University of Chicago, she interned at the Smithsonian Institution, did observational studies and dissections of great apes and also worked on archaeological digs in Egypt and Bahrain. As a graduate student in industrial design, she interned at Smart Design. She has worked at Frog Design and at Nike in the Advanced Product Engineering Group. She now works for clients on a broad range of projects, from footwear to surgical devices.

In her practice-based research, Mosher blends scientific processes and design methodologies to probe the relationship between objects and culture, mining our cultural past and present for insights into the possibilities of our collective future. Her work has been exhibited both nationally and internationally and has been featured in Adbusters, Azure, Ottagono, Core 77 and Wired Magazine.

Fall 2021

ID-20ST-06 Special Topic Design Studio
ID-24ST-02 Advanced Design: Studio

Spring 2022

ID-2465-01 Design Principles II
ID-2512-01 Wkshp: Processing
ID-2512-02 Wkshp: Processing
ID-2512-03 Wkshp: Processing
RISD faculty member Beth Mosher
  • BA, University of Chicago
  • MFA, The University of Illinois