Joseph Napurano

A graduate of RISD, Joseph Napurano has been a designer within the consumer goods market for his entire career. Specializing but not exclusive to footwear design, he has created programs for the Olympics, professional athletes, patented technologies and a long list of major brands.

Napurano's professional experience designing for manufacturers worldwide is a true benefit for RISD ID students. He continues to work as a consultant as well as push innovation and a path for future professionals. Napurano has taught ID DP1, ID DP2 and other design classes.

Fall 2022

ID-24ST-06 Advanced Design: Studio

Wintersession 2023

ID-8900-04 ISP Major

Spring 2023

ID-2465-05 Design Principles II
ID-8900-07 ISP Major
RISD faculty member Joseph Napurano