Paolo Cardini

Paolo Cardini came to RISD from the interdisciplinary graduate design program at Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar. His work ranges from product design to interaction design and from integrated communication to strategic planning.

Cardini studied industrial design at Politecnico di Milano and Glasgow School of Art and has served as department chair for undergraduate and graduate industrial design departments at Istituto Europeo di Design in Turin. In addition to teaching, Cardini designs and consults for various international firms, lectures at conferences and design schools worldwide and contributes actively to the field with papers and publications.

Summer 2022

ID-1567-01 *italy: Endemic & Endogenous Design Experimentations
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-03 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-17 Professional Internship

Fall 2022

ID-24ST-07 Advanced Design: Studio
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-04 Professional Internship

Wintersession 2023

ID-236G-01 Thesis Open Research
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-04 Professional Internship

Spring 2023

ID-242G-01 Graduate ID Studio II
ID-242G-02 Graduate ID Studio II
ID-305G-01 Artificial Intelligence and Design, Concerns, and Opportunities
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
RISD faculty member Paolo Cardini
  • BA, Politecnico Di Milano
  • MID, Politecnico Di Milano