Peter Yeadon

Peter Yeadon is the founder of the NYC-based Yeadon Space Agency. Known for his pioneering research into new applications for advanced materials in architecture and design, he has received numerous awards for his work and frequently lectures at universities and conferences on the topic of materials-driven innovation. Yeadon's projects are also routinely featured in publications and exhibitions around the world. At RISD he has taught design studios on advanced materials since 2003, with previous teaching experience at Cornell University and the University of Toronto.

Fall 2021

ID-20ST-02 Special Topic Design Studio
ID-247G-02 Graduate Thesis Studio I
ID-8900-04 ISP Major
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-04 Professional Internship

Wintersession 2022

ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-06 Professional Internship

Spring 2022

ID-24ST-11 Advanced Design: Studio
ID-8960-01 Professional Internship
NMSE-8960-02 Professional Internship