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Once spring semester comes to a close at the end of May, students are free to do whatever suits them best in June, July and August. Some choose to stay on campus and take summer courses for credit at RISD, while others opt for interesting summer internships in the US or abroad, or take advantage of wonderful travel/study opportunities through RISD Global. For RISD students, summer also offers coveted time to take a break to travel, spend time at home, think through ideas in their sketchbooks and make art as the mood moves them.

Summer 2020 information

Given the uncertain projections for when COVID-19 will slow, RISD will not run any in-person summer programming on campus or in other locations. For information about specific programming, see below:

Summer foundation program for undergraduate transfer students

Experimental and Foundation Studies will offer all three foundation studios—Drawing, Design and Spatial Dynamics—remotely this summer. Extended to eight weeks, the program runs from June 29–August 21.

Summer Foundation programs for graduate students

Department-specific summer programming has been modified as follows:

Architecture: The Summer Foundation Program for students coming into the three-year master's program will run remotely from July 20–August 28.

Interior Architecture: Both Master of Design (MDes) programs will offer one three-credit course remotely from August 3–28. Two additional courses usually offered in the summer will run during the 2020–21 academic year, one in the fall and the other during Wintersession.

The MA program in Adaptive Reuse will reschedule the summer program in Denmark to summer 2021.

Landscape Architecture: The department will offer one course from the incoming student curriculum remotely from August 17–28. The two additional, field-based courses have been deferred to summer 2021.

Teaching + Learning in Art + Design: Students in the one-year Master of Arts in Teaching will take one six-credit class, offered remotely from July 6–August 14.

In addition, the Architecture + Design division along with staff from the Center for Arts & Language will offer multilingual graduate students a one-credit online course focused on English-language conversational, studio and academic communication skills. The course will run from August 3–28, with priority given to incoming students in Architecture, Interior Architecture and Landscape Architecture. Students from other departments can then enroll on a space-available basis.

RISD Global Summer programs

RISD Global summer courses have been cancelled. All deposits will be fully refunded.

RISD Pre-College Program

Pre-college courses are cancelled for summer 2020. All deposits will be fully refunded. However, students in grades 9–12 are invited to enroll in the new Advanced Program for High School Students. Offered online, the program runs from June 22–August 14.

Continuing Education courses

On-site, for-credit courses offered by RISD Continuing Education are cancelled for summer 2020. A selection of for-credit summer courses will run from June 22–July 31. Some CE Adult Extension courses will also be offered remotely from June 22–July 27.

For students age 13–17, the Young Artist Program will run remotely this summer from June 22–August 13. Course information is available now.

Summer Programs

Offered online for 2020, for-credit summer courses are available through RISD Continuing Education, providing college students at all levels with visual arts classes designed to meet their unique needs and interests. Throughout each course, participants complete a variety of engaging assignments, take part in group and individual critiques and create a substantial body of work.

Running for six weeks starting in June, RISD summer courses are perfect for students looking to earn credit toward their degree or for anyone seeking to advance their creative practice. For more information go to the RISD Summer Programs website.

RISD Global Summer Programs

To help artists and designers navigate a rapidly changing world, RISD Global offers immersive, credit-bearing creative experiences throughout the world. Whether exploring play and toy design in Nuremberg, bicycle design in Tokyo or myths and legends in Ireland, students learn about local cultures while engaging in artistic exploration and hands-on making.