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Once spring semester comes to a close at the end of May, students are free to do whatever suits them best in June, July and August. Some choose to stay on campus and take summer courses for credit at RISD, while others opt for interesting summer internships in the US or abroad, or take advantage of wonderful travel/study opportunities through RISD Global. For RISD students, summer also offers coveted time to take a break to travel, spend time at home, think through ideas in their sketchbooks and make art as the mood moves them.

Summer Programs

Summer courses for credit are available through RISD Continuing Education, which offers a variety of visual art classes designed to meet the needs of college students at all levels. Summer Studies classes run for six weeks between late June and early August. Students have access to all of the specialized labs, shops, studios and equipment used during the academic year and study with art and design professionals from around the world.

In an intensive two-week Summer Institute for Graphic Design Studies (SIGDS), students at all levels of experience are immersed in almost nonstop studio exploration of what it takes to improve the impact and efficacy of visual communication through graphic design. Taught by members of RISD’s Graphic Design faculty and other design professionals, course offerings range from those that focus on working by hand to others that emphasize the use of advanced digital tools.

In the six-week Textiles Summer Institute, students at all levels access the department’s world-class equipment, focusing on materials and techniques as they work with RISD’s renowned Textiles faculty on strengthening conceptual development. The small class size, concentrated course structure and group critiques support creative exploration of two- and three-dimensional projects in apparel, interiors and/or fine art.

RISD Global Summer Programs

To help artists and designers navigate a rapidly changing world, RISD Global offers immersive, credit-bearing creative experiences throughout the world. Whether exploring play and toy design in Nuremberg, bicycle design in Tokyo or myths and legends in Ireland, students learn about local cultures while engaging in artistic exploration and hands-on making.