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Change a life, transform a community, make the future.

At RISD we understand that art and design drive human progress and produce innovations that shape our world. We are deeply committed to building an inclusive community enlivened by a culture of risk-taking and critique. RISD’s creative leaders—faculty, students and alumni—are using their skills and imaginations to solve complex problems and make enduring contributions to global culture.

RISD fuels a lifelong passion for art and design and a determination to address the most important challenges of our time. We invite you to invest in RISD at this decisive moment. Together, we can make our world more equitable, more vibrant and more sustainable.

million raised in FY18
# of donors (FY18)
total FY18 contributions from members of the 1877 Society
first-year students in need receiving financial aid in 18/19

Momentum / 2017/18 giving report

The first issue of Momentum, a new periodical from Institutional Engagement, focuses on RISD’s growing culture of philanthropy.

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Build the RISD Fund

Make the broadest impact by giving to the RISD Fund. Here you can help RISD address its most pressing needs through unrestricted support, increased financial aid, added support for faculty and academic programs, new equipment and technology, and enhancements to student life.

Support Our Students

RISD works diligently to attract students from all socioeconomic backgrounds by offering generous financial aid. We are committed to expanding scholarship and fellowship resources and offering additional funding for materials, travel and internships. You can help make it possible for students to attend RISD and take full advantage of all that a RISD education has to offer.

Invest in Faculty

In order for RISD to remain responsive to the rapidly changing world of art and design, we must invest in our current faculty and recruit new talented and diverse educators. You can help champion the excellent faculty who serve as the foundation of RISD’s distinctive educational experience and drive our reputation as a global leader in art and design education.

Learn how RISD partners with donors from around the world

Growing a Culture of Philanthropy

RISD raised $16.7 million in new support during 2017/18, making it the second most successful fundraising year ever.

RISD Partners with Infosys

A groundbreaking collaboration that launches this summer will provide global industry leaders with the design tools they need to solve complex problems.

Earning Meaningful Support

With support from the newly established Seth MacFarlane Endowed Scholarship Fund, aspiring filmmaker Naomi Bradford 19 FAV is focused on bringing her creative vision to life.

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RISD invites you to come back to campus for some of its signature events or join us in cities around the world for special programming. Please follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for early notices of our events and email us at alumni@risd.edu with questions or suggestions.

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  • RISD Weekend: Gathering of Alumni and Families (October)
  • New York Design Week Reception (May)
  • Commencement (June)
  • Student Sendoffs: Welcoming Receptions for New RISD Students (August)