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RISD is grateful to all who support it. Our community is essential as RISD sets the global standard of excellence for art and design education. Learn more below about what matters most to you.

  1. Alumni

    RISD’s alumni are more than 30,000 strong and live in communities around the world. Many generously donate time, energy, passion and financial support to RISD. Alumni are vital partners in supporting such RISD priorities as financial aid, faculty and academic programs, and enhanced studio spaces, as well as in forming creative networks that build art and design communities around the world.

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    Learn how you can volunteer
    Search for new opportunities at RISD Careers
    Explore the intersection of design, business and culture with RISD Executive Education
    Keep learning with RISD Continuing Education

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  2. Parents and families

    RISD parents and families come from many different cultures, but they share a commitment to ensuring that RISD students have the best possible experience in the studio, in the classroom and in their lives on and off campus. The support of RISD families provides a margin of excellence that helps students build their foundation for lifelong success in their creative lives.

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    Learn about the Parents’ Council and other ways to volunteer
    Hire RISD students and graduates
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    Learn more about Social Equity and Inclusion at RISD

  3. Students

    Every year, approximately 2,500 undergraduate and graduate students come to RISD from around the world. Students are a creative force here—making new works of art, designing new tools, building community, advocating for social change and asking hard questions. Each generation of students enriches RISD and helps it to grow and thrive.

    Students make vital contributions to RISD’s annual fundraising efforts by becoming callers for the RISD Fund. Phonathon students call alumni, parents and friends to connect them with current events, answer questions about life on campus and obtain financial support for the RISD Fund.

    If you love RISD, have great conversational skills and a team-work mentality, apply here. For more information, contact the RISD Fund at or call 401 454-6469.

    Learn about the Student Philanthropy Committee and other ways to volunteer
    Learn more about Social Equity and Inclusion at RISD

    Find employment and internships at RISD Careers

  4. Faculty and staff

    Faculty and staff invest time and talent every day to make RISD the best it can be. They help to educate tomorrow’s creative leaders, create a welcoming environment, inspire innovation and transform lives. Numbering more than 1,000, faculty and staff are integral to the RISD community, and their commitment advances RISD’s mission.

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    Learn more about Social Equity and Inclusion at RISD

  5. Corporations and foundations

    The founding of RISD in 1877 emerged from a creative engagement with industry. One of RISD’s first courses was Mechanical Drawing and Design, which prepared students to work as designers and machinists in the local jewelry, silver, textiles and tool industries. RISD continues to partner with a wide array of corporations who sponsor studios, offer internships and provide philanthropic support. RISD also has partnered with foundations to match their funding interests with RISD’s programs and priorities. Over the years, foundations have made capital investments in campus buildings, funded new academic programs, supported student scholarships and fellowships, and helped RISD advance critical priorities.

    Learn more about how RISD partners with corporation and foundations

  6. Government

    RISD maintains productive relationships with local, state and federal agencies and benefits from a range of grants and partnerships that advance RISD’s mission and engagement with the public sector.

    Learn more about government partnerships