Everyday Moments of Ineffable Beauty

All That I Love / DrawingPoems, book by Yu Cao MArch 17

“It has taken me 27 years to draw as free as a child,” says Yu Cao MArch 17. In a lovely whisp of a book called All That I Love / DrawingPoems, the NYC-based artist and architect brings that liberated sense of wonder to her observations of everyday life—from animals and people to food, flowers, clouds and little bits of beauty that abound all around.

Dimples of water by Yu Cao MArch 17

What is by Yu Cao MArch 17

“DrawingPoems are my mother tongue through which I experience a delightful new reality connecting me with something larger,” Cao writes in the intro.

“In impromptu drawings, a world opens up from an intrinsic energy that has touched me—as fresh and exciting as birth, as true and ancient as the sun.”

Aunt by Yu Cao MArch 17

“We all experience these moments of ineffable beauty when we are present with what is and connect with other beings,” Cao notes. “I invite you to dwell in the unknown energy that has touched me deeply and quietly.”

September 19, 2019