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Refreshing Approach to Business

Illustrator Julia Rothman 02 IL teams up with writer Shaina Feinberg for Scratch, a new biweekly column in The New York Times.

Refreshing Approach to Business

For illustrator Julia Rothman 02 IL and writer Shaina Feinberg, landing an illustrated column in The New York Times is a "dream come true.”

On October 6 the Times printed their first installment of Scratch, a full page series that runs in the Sunday Business section every other week (and also appears online the Friday before).

Rothman and Feinberg are using illustration and handwritten text to convey finance-focused human interest stories “about people who don’t usually get their stories told,” as Rothman puts it.

So far Scratch has offered a window into the economics of being a drag queen, opening a coffee shop and working as a female fishmonger on the docks in New Orleans.

Its fresh approach brings a welcomed warmth and authentic flavor to the often cold world of finance.

“It’s already been the most fun ever,” says Rothman, who has invited followers of her IG page to offer ideas for upcoming coverage.

—Liisa Silander

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